Tempo Timesheets

Working at all levels of your organization, Tempo Timesheets brings you painless time tracking, flexible reporting, planning, JIRA Agile integration, and operations management seamlessly to your JIRA instance. Time tracking means getting things done.


from $10 per year


from $10 per month

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Tempo is for everyone

Team Members

Team Members

Time tracking can be a pain! Tempo is seamlessly integrated with JIRA to make time tracking and planning both easy and convenient, working with you and not against you. With just a few keystrokes, time can be entered or planned effortlessly while managing your issues. Flexible views, internal timesheet editing, and a real-time time tracking bar are just a few favorite features.
Project Managers

Project Managers

With Tempo, you can plan time for JIRA issues and designate collaborators to work on them. Create flexible reports to monitor progress. Visualize team and project resources graphically with our various gadget features to identify resource shortages and monitor your team’s availability and momentum. You can even plan for internal things like sick time and vacation time.
Account Managers

Account Managers

Tempo gives you a clear overview of customer account information for a designated period so you can plan, track, and adapt company resources. Set up monthly or custom account burn-up charts and display the progress of hours worked by an account and its budget, or create advanced reports using Excel, PDF, or Confluence. Tempo is even compatible with JIRA Wallboards.


Get high-level and detailed snapshots of your organization’s time utilization and resources with advanced timesheet and report views. Tempo’s gadgets provide you with business intelligence to help identify your largest customers and accounts, designate and monitor account budgets, identify trends and issues, uncover new insights, and fine- tune operations to meet business goals.

Tempo Timesheets Solutions

Seamless Time Tracking

Seamless Time Tracking

Tempo Timesheets tightly integrates with JIRA and JIRA Agile, making time tracking and resource planning easy. Increase transparency and reduce inaccuracies so you can focus on delivering real value to your customers.
Flexible Resource Planning

Flexible Resource Planning

Tempo Timesheets’ flexible planning capabilities empower you to easily plan team resources, identify team member commitments, locate staff shortages or over-extensions, and adapt plans as circumstances require.
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Tempo’s Gadgets for Executives, Account Managers, Project Managers, and Teams Members allow you to customize your dashboard with visual, real-time data.
Manage Teams

Manage Teams

Flexible Timesheet Views

Flexible Timesheet Views

Timesheet Approvals

Timesheet Approvals

Flexible Reports

Flexible Reports

JIRA Agile Integration

JIRA Agile Integration

Tempo Timesheets

Our flexible User, Project, Team, Account, Advanced, Issue, and Agile timesheets have been designed for efficiency and visual appeal, so team members can easily access data, create and edit worklogs, plan time and submit timesheets for approval, and visualize overall team capacity and resources.

Tempo Reports

With Tempo’s User, Project, Team, Account, Advanced, and Issue reports, gain insights into accounts, workflow, cost/profit centers, resource shortages, performance issues, and more. Review, share, print, or export reports to PDF or Excel.

Speaking Your Language

Tempo is available in the following languages: English (US/UK), French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Turkish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, and Chinese.

International Workload and Holiday Schemes

With Tempo’s Workload and Holiday schemes can be used for distributed teams and those with users who work varying schedules. Designate work days, public holidays and other non-working days. User and Team timesheets will reflect the schemes to which team members have been assigned.

Real-Time Time Tracking

Use Tempo’s Real-Time Time Tracker as a stopwatch on issues in JIRA. Start the tracker when you start working on an issue, and stop it when you are done or attend to something else.

Tempo Gadgets

Tempo’s business intelligence gadgets for executives, account managers, project managers, and team members provide real-time business data, enabling users to visualize the distribution of efforts across teams, uncover trends and issues before they escalate, plan for the future, and make necessary course corrections. Add to a JIRA Wallboard or Confluence for dynamic reporting.

Account Reports

Tempo team leaders can create account reports to review, share, print, or export customer account data.

Agile Timesheet

The Agile Timesheet makes it possible to browse worklogs based on any combination of sprint and epic criteria, and rollup the total effort spent.

Worklog Distribution Gadget

The Worklog Distribution gadget helps you visualize the distribution of efforts across any JIRA filter so that you can get high level information of spent time, segmented by what makes most sense to you. More on this in our documentation.

Date Navigation

With the Date Navigation users can easily page between current period, next month or last month, or fine-tune their search with the ability to move from different time frames with varying time lengths. See the Date Navigation documentation for more details.

Team Custom Field

A JIRA custom field is available in Tempo Teams. By using this field, you can new “Assign” an issue to a team. You can select from your list of teams, and the team name is displayed as a link to the Team Overview page.

Team Member

Team Leads can manage their teams as team members joining and leaving team, and change team member roles. The current team structure, availability, and future members are clearly identified in the new team space. More on that in our documentation page.

Team Overview

Teams have a dedicated space in Tempo where team members and stakeholders can access high level information about their teams. For anyone with access, the Team’s timesheet is just one click away. More on this in our documentation page.

Team Permissions

With Tempo Teams we have two permissions used: Browse Team and Approve Timesheet. More on this on our documentation page.

Teams Overview Page

Teams are searchable by name, team member, and team lead so that you can easily find the temas anyone is currently assigned to. More on this in our documentation page.

Timesheet View Options

Users can select between four different view options for their Timesheets. You can choose from Timesheet, Calendar, Report, and List view.

User Timesheet Filter view

Timesheet can be displayed with one or many filters for further exploration. You can select if  you want your User Timesheet to be displayed in addition to the selected JIRA filters.

International Workload Schemes

Organizations working on different work weeks or varying schedules can assign users and groups to Workload Schemes according to these workload requirements.

International Holiday Schemes

With Tempo’s Holiday Schemes, Tempo Admins can create various workload schemes, designating work days and days off, and the required hours per day, and then assign users and groups to these schemes. Their Tempo timesheets will reflect the workload schemes to which they are assigned. Great for international teams, and for those observing different cultural or religious holidays.

User Timesheet

View individual User timesheets, which provide a summary of the total time tracking for a selected period, and an option to log work and edit worklogs for JIRA issues.

Account Worklogs

All account worklogs are viewable by selecting this option from Tempo’s navigation list.

Advanced Worklogs

View an advanced, customized view of worklogs by selecting this option from Tempo’s navigation list and adding a custom filter.

Issue Timesheet

Use Issue Timesheets to search for worklogs associated with a particular JIRA Issue. To access the Issue Timesheet, you can either go through the JIRA top navigation, or by selecting Issue from the Tempo navigation list when in a Timesheet view.

Team Worklogs

View all team worklogs for a selected period directly from Tempo’s navigation list.

Account Budget

Establish monthly budgets to plan resources allocated to an account during that period.

Access Control

JIRA administrators can select the IP addresses that are allowed to access Tempo Services and download account information in the Account Manager.

Account Approval Process

Tempo Admins can enable the Account Approval Process in the Global Configuration, so that managers can approve accounts that they lead for every month or other designated period. This enables managers to maintain a firm grasp of the progress on all accounts, work performed, and costs involved in real-time.

Account Custom Burn-up Chart Gadget

Create a custom burn-up chart to monitor the progress of accounts, and to plan and allocate resources accordingly.

Account Export to PDF

Tempo team leaders can generate Account PDF exports of account data.

Account Hours by Customer Gadget

Plan, track, and allocate account resources for a designated period. View data in pie chart, bar chart, or table format.

Account Management

Track worked and/or billed hours for all accounts, customers, and categories. View account hours by customer to plan, allocate, and monitor resources.

Account Monthly Burn-up Chart Gadget

Display the progress of hours worked by an account and its monthly budget. Plan, allocate, and monitor resources and account budget projections.

Account Timesheet

Tempo’s Account Timesheet view provides managers and admins with an overview of work logged on accounts (by account, customer, category, or lead), and the approval statuses of their accounts.


Enable features for advanced project management, budgeting, billing, or advanced reporting. Connecting customers, multiple JIRA projects, and responsible parties can be achieved with accounts. Accounts can be set up manually via the Tempo Account Manager or imported in a CSV file.

Activity Planning

Activity Planning is made easy in the Tempo Calendar View. Active links take you to the Activity summary page, Activity Timesheet, Activity Report, and Activity people page.

Activity Streams

If configured, timesheet and planning workflow notifications are visible in users’ activity streams.

Advanced Reports

Create customized reports based on your own search criteria to review, share, print, or export.

Advanced Timesheet

All Tempo users can generate customizable Advanced timesheets, applying a search string or pre-set filter.

Approval Notifications

Users are notified when their plan request has been submitted to their manager for approval, and again when the manager either approves or rejects the plan.

Assigned Issues

Users can quickly search for their assigned issues in their Tempo Log Work dialog and log work on these issues.

Billed Time

If the Billed feature is enabled, a ‘Billed’ field will show below the ‘Worked’ field in the Log Work dialog, enabling users to designate what amount of time is actually billable.


JIRA’s web UI is accessible from most browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Color-Coded Planned Time Statuses

Color-coded backgrounds in Tempo timesheet cells tell the status of the planned time request.


Add charts created from Tempo’s social gadgets to build dynamic reports in Confluence.

Custom Colors for Planned Projects

Get a color-coded overview of your team’s schedule to help plan and allocate resources.  Project admins can select a custom color for a JIRA project to be displayed in Tempo timesheets.

Custom Look and Feel

Customize Tempo’s planning options, approval processes and accounting, timesheets, accounts, time tracking and validation settings, and more to fit your organization’s needs.

Customizable Tempo Scheduler Email

Configure email content and scheduling reminders for Tempo users.

Customizable Worklog Attributes

Add custom attributes to worklogs for JIRA Issues, such as “Overtime,” or “Not Billable.”

Default Holiday Scheme

Tempo Admins can establish a default Holiday Scheme to which new users and groups will be initially assigned, if not moved to another scheme.

Default Tab

The last tab chosen in the Tempo Log Work dialog will be selected by default.

Default Workload Scheme

Tempo Administrators can establish a Default Workload Scheme to which new users will automatically be assigned.

Easily Manage Customer Accounts

Easily view and access account information for a particular customer, including account timesheets and reports.

Email Notifications

Define personal and group level email notification schemes.

Export Data for Analysis, Billing, and Invoicing

Account reports generated in Tempo can be printed or exported to Excel or PDF. Data can also be exported to an external API for billing and invoicing.

Export to Excel

All Tempo reports can be easily exported to Excel with the click of a button.

Fields and Properties

Customize the Fields and Properties settings to use in worklogs for Account Reports and billing.

Flexible Dashboards

Tempo’s social gadgets are compatible either in your own dashboard in JIRA, or on a custom wallboard. Add to Confluence for dynamic reporting capabilities.

Flexible Layouts

Organize your gadgets into one, two or three column dashboard layouts.

Flexible Timesheets

User, Project, Team, Account, or Advanced timesheets are easily viewable from Tempo’s navigation list.

Free For Open Source

Open Source projects and non-profit organizations can obtain free community licenses.

Gadget Directory

Add Tempo’s gadgets to your dashboard by browsing or searching the gadget directory.

Gadget Settings

Some gadgets provide specific properties or settings for you to edit via the gadget menu. You can also minimize, maximize and control the look and feel of each gadget.

Gadget Subscriptions

Easily access and add Tempo Gadgets to your dashboards for visual data and business intelligence. Choose from a number of pre-installed gadgets.

Gadgets for Executives and Managers

Set account budgets for a monthly or customized period; view data in graphical format; plan, track, and allocate account budgets and resources; identify largest customers and projects, and more.

Gadgets for Team Leaders

View graphical data to track planned, worked, and required hours for teams and users; monitor team / employee availability and momentum; identify potential resource shortages; adapt projects according to progress and resources; use the data for future planning, and more.

Get Started from $10

10-user Tempo starter licenses are available for JIRA download and include 12 months of maintenance and support. All Starter License proceeds are donated to Room to Read.

Import Account Information

Customer account information can be imported to Tempo, with billing key information and other important customer and account details.

Inline Editing

Easily edit worklogs during an open period within a number of Tempo screens.

Inline Navigation Dialog

View a detailed Inline Editing dialog by clicking a cell in a Tempo calendar. Edit or delete planned time, and navigate for further information by clicking on the links in the dialog.

Install or Hosted Options

Integrated with JIRA, Tempo can be hosted behind the firewall or hosted by Atlassian … it’s up to you.

Internal Issues and Activities

Create internal Issues specific to your organization’s needs, such as for Sick Time, Vacations, and Meetings, to plan, track, and allocate company resources based on availability.

Issue Picker

Tempo’s Log Work dialog  includes Issue, Internal, Assigned, and Watched issue pickers, which allow users to find issues quickly and effectively.

Issue Planning

Plan time directly in a JIRA Issue view from the Issue’s Action List, and designate collaborators to work on it. Log work as you go.

Issue Report

Generate Issue Reports to view users’ worklog information on an Issue.

Issue Worklogs

View users’ Issue worklogs in a sortable format. Print or export reports to Excel.

JIRA Wallboards

View Tempo Gadgets using the JIRA Wallboards plugin for high-contrast graphical charts.

Labs Features

Get an early look at new custom features in our labs and provide feedback on them. Some of these features will graduate from our labs and take on different shapes and forms.

Log Work for Team Members

Scrum Masters and Team Leaders can now log work for their entire team using the improved User Picker in the Log Work dialogs.

Manage Complex Projects

Tempo Accounts report on customer and account data. Tempo Reports and several gadget features show the value and distribution of these customers and accounts.

Move and Edit Holiday Schemes

JIRA users and groups can be assigned to new Holiday Schemes by a Tempo Admin, who can also edit or delete any scheme.

Move and Edit Workload Schemes

Tempo users can be easily moved from one Workload Scheme to another, and Workload Schemes can be easily edited or deleted.

Move, Delete, or Split Worklogs

Move, split, or delete a worklog by selecting the correct option from the Action list directly in the timesheet or report.

New Permissions Settings

There are three main permissions in Tempo: Tempo Administrator, Tempo Team Manager, and Tempo Time Tracking. Tempo administrators now have permission to administer Tempo, while Tempo Team Managers may now manage Tempo teams. Tempo teams consist of team leaders and team members. Team members maintain the Time Tracking permission.

Non-Working Days

Designate non-working days as either recurring or floating for worksheet calculations.

Partners Worldwide

Tempo’s partners are located around the globe, and can offer technical and sales assistance in your local language.

People in Version Gadget

Monitor the status of planned and worked time for each user in a selected version.

Period and Start Date

Designate custom periods and weekly start dates for user timesheets.

Plan Time Dialog

Plan time directly in a timesheet cell by clicking on the cell or by highlighting a series of cells; the Plan Time dialog is then displayed. If the Planning Approval Process is enabled, users can request approval for planned time.

Plan Time for Team Members

Tempo Team Leaders can plan time for their Team Members with the User Picker in the Plan Time dialog.

Planned Time by Team Gadget

Plan resources by team. View data graphically in a pie chart, area chart, bar chart, or table. Identify potential shortages and over-allocation.

Planning Approval Process

If enabled, a user can request a plan for approval, and a supervisor can accept or reject this plan. Users can designate which manager is to review their plan in the event that their direct supervisor is out of the office. Users are notified when their plan request has been submitted to their manager for approval, and again when the manager either approves or rejects the plan.

Planning Features

Fine-tune the planning settings and permissions beyond the default settings. Set up internal activities for things like vacation days and sick time.

Project Level Oversight

Get a snapshot of a given project’s progress and view the commitment level capacity of each team member.

Project Reports

Users can generate project reports directly from the Tempo navigation list. Print project reports or export them to Excel.

Project Role to View Others’ Worklogs

Manage team members’ ability to view other members’ contributions to a project.

Project Roles

Manage users’ abilities to view and edit other users’ contributions to a project.

Project Timesheet

Users and project managers can get a snapshot of a given project’s progress in the project timesheet to view the commitment level capacity of each team member. The Project timesheet gives an overview of which users are planned to work on the project in a given period, broken down by Activity. A breakdown of versions or components is also available.

Project Worklogs

View all worklogs associated with a project for a selected period directly from Tempo’s navigation list.

Real-Time Graphical Data

Use Tempo Gadgets to monitor planned and logged time, account budgets, and available resources in real time.

Request Planned Time

If enabled, a user can request a plan for approval, and a supervisor can accept or reject this plan.

Resource Management

Track and monitor team and users’ planned, required, and logged hours and view their timesheets. Adapt as needed when plans change.

Seamless Integration With JIRA

Tempo is seamlessly integrated within your JIRA instance. They go together like peanut butter and jelly (or, in Scandanavia, like cheese and jam).

Seamless Integration With JIRA

Tempo for JIRA download and Tempo OnDemand has been built to work seamlessly within JIRA. You’ll think it’s part of it!

Select Plan Reviewer

Users can designate which manager is to review their plan in the event that their direct supervisor is out of the office.

Select Timesheet Reviewer

Users can designate which manager is to review their timesheet in the event that their direct supervisor is out of the office.


For ease of use, a sub-task field is displayed if a selected issue has any sub-tasks associated with it. If a sub-task is selected, an indicator is displayed in a sub-task line to give the user a better overview of the issue used to log work on.

Team Hours Gadget

Display planned, worked, and required hours for each team member to track overall planned and worked time.

Team Leaders

Tempo Team Leaders are the supervisory role assigned to Tempo teams. Team Leaders can view and manage members’ timesheets for the teams they are assigned to.

Team Members

Tempo Team Members are users without the supervisory role of Team Leader on a Tempo team. They can access basic time tracking and reporting capabilities in Tempo.

Team Reports

Tempo team leaders can create reports for their team to review, share, print, or export.

Team Timesheet

Team leaders can access Team timesheets, which displays a schedule for their entire team across multiple projects.

Team Timesheet Gadget

Display a team’s timesheet for a designated period to track overall planned and worked time.

Tempo Administrator

Tempo Administrator is a permission given by a JIRA Administrator to selected JIRA groups to handle administrative options that may frequently change.

Tempo API Security Token

Admins can add an optional security token to be added to all Tempo API calls if used. This can be very handy if a company is using dynamic IP addresses or if IP addresses are proxied to the JIRA server, and adds an extra level of security.

Tempo Calendar

Plan time in the Tempo calendar view, while viewing detailed User, Project, and Team timesheets.

Tempo JQL

Base your agile process directly in the Agile Rapid Board with Tempo JQL. Use Tempo provided JQL functions, such as teamMembers, accountsByCustomer, and accountsByCategory, to craft the perfect KanBan board for agile custom development and operations.

Tempo Navigation

User, Project, and Team timesheets can be viewed in the Tempo Calendar View for easy planning if the Planning feature is enabled.

Tempo Navigation List

Easily access Tempo User, Project, Team, Account, and Advanced views through the main navigation interface.

Tempo OnDemand

Tempo OnDemand subscriptions are available from $10 per month. Discounts are available for monthly purchases.

Tempo Reports

Gain insight into customer accounts, workflow, cost/profit centers, potential resource shortages and over-allocation, performance issues, and more.

Tempo Scheduler

Configure the Tempo Scheduler to block users from logging work at the close of a designated period. The scheduler can also send out optional email reminder notifications.

Tempo Team Manager

Tempo Team Manager is a permission given by a JIRA Administrator to selected JIRA groups to handle the Manage Teams administrative option in Tempo.

Tempo Teams

Team Managers can create and manage Tempo teams, which consist of Team Leaders and Team Members. JIRA users and groups can be added to these roles. This will define what teams will show up in the Tempo Team timesheet.

Tempo Time Tracking

The Tempo Time Tracking is a permission given by a JIRA Administrator to all JIRA groups that should have the option to access Tempo.

Access Tempo Worklogs Tab in JIRA Agile

Log work and view worklogs in Tempo from the JIRA Agile issue view without ever leaving your rapid board with Tempo’s new Worklogs Tab. Click the View Report link to delve deeper.

Time Planning

Easily plan time in Tempo by clicking the Plan Time button, which is accessible on every page in Tempo, to open the Plan Time dialog.

Time Tracking Permissions and Validation

A number of permissions and validation settings may be enabled or disabled in Tempo’s Global Configuration.

Timesheet Approval Process

Users can submit their timesheets for approval, and their team leaders are provided with an overview of each team member’s workflow status to be approved.

Timesheet Approvals Notifications

Receive an email confirmation when a timesheet is submitted to a supervisor for approval, and a follow-up email notifying the user if the timesheet has been approved or rejected.

Timesheet Views

Flexible timesheet views for users, teams, projects, accounts, and advanced timesheet reporting provides users with high-level and detailed snapshots of what’s going on at various levels of your organization.

Total Hours Gadget

Track overall worked and/or billed hours for all accounts, customers and categories. View data in pie chart, bar chart, or table format.

Translating Tempo

Find an error, or want to contribute to a translation? Just contact us and let us know.

Unlimited Developer Licenses

Commercial license holders can generate developer licenses for staging, testing, development, or QA servers.

User Reports

Team members and team leaders can generate reports for themselves or for users on their teams to review, share, print, or export.

User Timesheet Area Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, or Table

Display the progress of a user’s logged hours within a current period to monitor planned and worked time.

User Timesheet Charts Gadget

Display a user’s logged hours within a current period, viewable in area chart, bar chart, or pie chart format.

User Timesheet Planning

Plan time by simply clicking the “Plan Time” button on every page in Tempo to open the Plan Time dialog.

User Timesheet Progress Gadget

Display the progress of a user’s logged hours within a current period to monitor planned and worked time.

Users and Groups

Map Tempo Teams to JIRA groups to manage teams and groups within your organization. This will define what teams will show up in the Tempo Team timesheet.

Users and Groups

Map Tempo Teams to JIRA users and groups to manage teams and groups within your organization. This will define what teams will show up in the Tempo Team timesheet.

Validation Settings

Determine if your users are required to enter descriptions or remaining estimates when logging work. Other settings include the ability to block future time tracking, log work for other users, and other options listed in our documentation page.

View System Information

Quickly find all product details, including configuration, licensing, upgrade history, and more.

Wallboards Gadgets

Tempo Gadgets are JIRA Wallboards ready if that plugin is enabled.

Watched Issues

Users can search for watched issues in their Tempo Log Work dialog. If the selected issue has a sub-task, another field is displayed which also shows these sub-tasks.

Weekly or Monthly Approvals

Set up timesheets so that they require a supervisor’s weekly or monthly approval.

What are Accounts in Tempo?

Accounts are created as an identity to map JIRA projects and Tempo data for billing and cost analysis. Tempo Reports and many gadget features provide visual business intelligence from multiple perspectives to your custom dashboard. Data can be exported to Excel, PDF, or to an eternal billing system. Sub-features for Accounts include: customer, category, person responsible, and budget.

What are Workload Schemes?

Workload Schemes allow organizations to categorize employees according to their different workload requirements by establishing the days required to work and the number of hours per day. Their Tempo timesheets will reflect the Workload Scheme to which they are assigned.

What is the Log Work Dialog?

Tempo’s Log Work dialog is accessible from any page within Tempo. Users can log work for a day or a concurrent series of days, the time designated to the issue, the remaining estimated time, and add a brief description.

Workflow Notifications

If left enabled, notification emails will be sent to users who have requested approval for planned time or for timesheet approval, as well as to their selected reviewer.

Worklog Attributes

Add custom attributes to worklogs, such as “Overtime,” “Not Billable,” and “Driving Cost.” These attributes are sent with the worklog.

Cloud Price list

10 Users $10/mo
15 Users $25/mo
25 Users $50/mo
50 Users $100/mo
100 Users $150/mo
500 Users $250/mo
2,000 Users $500/mo

*Discounts available for annual purchases.

Cloud License Details

First Year of Maintenance is Covered

Annual Cloud subscriptions include 12 months of maintenance, which includes updates and support at no added charge.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you would like to discontinue use of Tempo, we offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Discounts Available for Academic Institutions

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses.

Free for Open Source and Non-Profits

Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects and non-profits.

How is a User Defined?

A user is any user that can log into JIRA. Anonymous users may also be granted access and do not count against license totals.

Server Price list

10 Users Starter License$10
25 Users $600
50 Users $1,100
100 Users $2,000
500 Users $6,000
2,000 Users $8,000
10,000 Users $12,000
10,000+ Users $16,000

Server License Details

First Year of Maintenance is Covered

Server licenses entitle users to perpetual use. The first 12 months of maintenance, which includes updates and support, are included at no charge.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you would like to discontinue use of Tempo, we offer a no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. Please note that this does not apply to our Starter Licenses.

Discounts Available for Academic Institutions

Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses.

Free for Open Source and Non-Profits

Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects and non-profits.

How is a User Defined?

A user is any user that can log into JIRA. Anonymous users may also be granted access and do not count against license totals.

Server Benefits

  • Secure behind your firewall
  • Perpetual license (one-time purchase)
  • Includes 12 months of access to product updates and email support
  • Optional customization
  • Continual customer support

Cloud Benefits

  • Hosted on demand
  • Instant setup
  • No-hassle
  • Monthly and annual subscription pricing available
  • Can be enabled directly through your JIRA Admin
  • Includes one year of automatic product updates and email support

What our customers say

Michael Rainwater

Michael RainwaterDirector of Engineering — Balfour

“Tempo and JIRA are a great combination at any company. Even if you don’t currently think you need to track time, I would strongly recommend you develop that culture. It’s a culture of communicating, and it helps everyone make decisions about how they use their time. The most important tool that any leader has is simply how we use our time. If we don’t know what we’re doing, then we can’t make decisions about how to use this most precious resource.” View customer story

Kirstin FalkPresident — Red Bricks Media

“Tempo has increased our internal knowledge management and productivity. Our Account Managers and Project Managers have complete transparency to see how a project is progressing; Tempo enables our management and team members to divide up time and resources properly.” View customer story

Barbara SmithProject Manager and Systems Analyst — University of Minnesota

“We didn’t track time prior to using Tempo, so we’ve had a major culture change. Using Tempo has allowed us to be more productive and make much more informed decisions on resource allocation.” View customer story

Ernst NolteOwner of Geckotech — Geckotech

“I have been using JIRA’s ‘log work’ functionality for many years without the Tempo plugin. With Tempo Timesheets, data entry has become much easier, and reporting as well. I use Tempo as the source of invoicing for all my running projects.” View customer story

Gustavo StekolschikHead of organisations and methods — Hospital Alemán

“Tempo has helped us improve control of all our tasks (program, analysis, procedures, etc.) by focusing on how people waste time on secondary tasks, and preventing recurrence of this. We read the summary screens with the sum of hours for our users, and from there we localize any deviations from our plans, and act quickly to correct them. “ View customer story  

Ulrich NackSoftware Developer — Heidelberger Group

“Tempo Timesheets is a stable, user-friendly program for obtaining worklogs with integrated reporting functionality that offers different views of time (for example, by employe, team, account, or project). If a company asking about Tempo Timesheets has an IT department with developers on board, they can do everything they need with the data, because Tempo Timesheets is open via its API.”  

Sean deBardelabenAtlassian Tools Administrator — AT&T

“Nobody likes to enter time! To help our organization get better insight into where we are in our delivery process, having up-to-date information about where resources are spending their time is important. Getting our engineers to enter their time helps us in this endeavor.” View customer story

Patrick SchuhManager — Brainbits

“We searched quite a long time for a handy and secure workflow to manage the billing of hours worked on JIRA tickets. With Tempo we found what we were searching for. Only Tempo makes JIRAs worklogs manageable and gives us the transparency and security that we need.”

Agust EinarssonManaging Director — TM Software

“We wanted the rollout of Tempo to reflect TM Software’s new image and service approach. After successfully implementing Tempo and JIRA, we experienced a marked decrease in wasted time and a concurrent increase in customer satisfaction.” View customer story
Fridrik Thor Snorrasson

Fridrik Thor SnorrasonManaging Director — Skyggnir

“The benefits of adopting the use of the Tempo solution for work requests and service visibility is considerable. We can save time by using only one system instead of several, and an overview of tasks and time registration makes efficiency noticeably better. The conclusion: the more the system is automated, the less time staff spends on the recording and completion of projects. Customers are happier because the system provides better control over their interests and reduces errors in billing.” View customer story
Bjorn Brynjar

Bjorn BrynjarDirector of Project Management — Betware

“I love the simplicity Tempo offers by supporting time registration directly within JIRA. Even though Tempo is a plugin from a different provider, Tempo and JIRA combined feels like a single solution. In reality, this means we have fewer systems to interact with and therefore spend more time focusing on delivering real value to our customers.” View customer story

Trisha PriceDirector — Primatics Financial

“Tempo has helped us by providing a time reporting tool already integrated with our daily work (JIRA is our change management tool). Any other time reporting tool would be much higher level and would not be able to provide the detailed metrics we can get from Tempo. Tempo allows us to analyze where we spend our time and determine the cost of features and releases.”

Alexander GrzesikChief Software Architect — NoemaLife

“If you want to track time in JIRA, there is no better way than with using Tempo Timesheets. Tempo is the most professional and useful JIRA plugin I have ever seen.” View customer story

Cédric DeJacquelot Web Project Manager — FCI

“If companies are already using JIRA and want to improve their time tracking capacities, I would absolutely recommend Tempo. It successfully builds on JIRA’s own features to make them much more powerful. Any business using JIRA to do any kind of time tracking should seriously consider using Tempo as well.” View customer story

Ronny TimmermansManaging Director — XeniT Solutions N.V.

“Part of the potential of JIRA is to manage your planning and time tracking processes, not just run a helpdesk. Thanks to Tempo, XeniT was able to leverage JIRA and JIRA Agile from an issue management system to a team management system. The introduction of tempo and JIRA actually motivated our team to improve their administration discipline. Tempo takes part of the burden of time registration out of JIRA, crucial to a successful adaption by our staff. We expect Tempo to continue improving our administrative productivity, and are very excited to learn about the upcoming resource planning capabilities. Tempo, JIRA and JIRA Agile are instrumental for XeniT towards a “plan-do-check-adjust” cycle of quality.”

Jarek GlowkaPresident — SKG S.A

“Before implementation of JIRA bundled with Tempo and JIRA Agile plugins, SKG personnel had to use four different systems for issue management, agile development planning and management and time tracking. Now all those areas are covered by one application and all data kept in one database. It must be noted that Tempo plugin reached the highest level of adoption in SKG from all used JIRA plugins. It perfectly fits to SKG time tracking needs both formal and operational ones.”