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We’ve started publishing our very own newspaper – The Tempo Times! It all started when we discovered the London APE conference (Atlassian Partner-run Event). We wanted to help out so we became a “London APE Supporter.” As a supporter of that event, we wanted to distribute an informative and promotional product to its attendees — and voilà!

We received such positive feedback from our first volume of The Tempo Times, that we decided to follow up with more ambitious issues for the 2012 and 2013 Atlassian Summits in San Francisco. Who knew there was so much to say about business productivity solutions for JIRA? Well, actually there is.

Each volume contains an editorial, case studies, cartoons, and a number of interesting articles relating to Tempo’s products, including features, solutions, and more.

The Tempo Times, Vol. 1
The Tempo Times, Vol. 2
The Tempo Times, Vol. 3
The Tempo Times, Vol. 4
The Tempo Times, Vol. 5

Press Contact

Jessie VanderVeen
Tel: +354 545 3048


Press Releases

Please see our list of press releases on the Tempo blog.

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